5G Wireless Ecosystem Market By Technologies, Applications, Verticals, Strategies & Forecasts Up to 2019 – 2030

Supply Demand Market Research added a new report on the 5G Wireless Ecosystem Era: 2019 – 2030 – Opportunities, Top Manufacturers, Business Modules, Challenges, Technologies, Applications, Verticals, Strategies & Forecasts.

Despite the lack of sufficient LTE coverage in parts of the world, mobile operators and vendors have already embarked on R&D initiatives to develop 5G, the next evolution in mobile networks. 5G is expected to provide a single network environment to deliver not only existing mobile broadband and IoT services, but also new innovations such as self-driving cars, cloud robotics, 3D holographic telepresence and remote surgery with haptic feedback.

In fact, many mobile operators are betting on 5G to diversify their revenue streams, as conventional voice and data service ARPUs decline globally. For example, South Korea’s KT has established a dedicated business unit for holograms, which it envisions to be a key source of revenue for its future 5G network.

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At present, the 3GPP and other SDOs (Standards Development Organizations) are engaged in defining the first phase of 5G specifications. However, pre-standards 5G network rollouts are already underway, most notably in the United States and South Korea, as mobile operators rush to be the first to offer 5G services. SNS Research estimates that by the end of 2017, pre-standards 5G network investments are expected to account for over $250 Million.

Although 2020 has conventionally been regarded as the headline date for 5G commercialization, the very first standardized deployments of the technology are expected to be commercialized as early as 2019 with the 3GPP’s initial 5G specifications set to be implementation-ready by March 2018. Between 2019 and 2025, we expect the 5G network infrastructure market to aggressively grow at a CAGR of nearly 70%, eventually accounting for $28 Billion in annual spending by the end of 2025. These infrastructure investments will be complemented by annual shipments of up to 520 Million 5G-capable devices.

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The “5G Wireless Ecosystem: 2019 – 2030 – Technologies, Applications, Verticals, Strategies & Forecasts” report presents an in-depth assessment of the emerging 5G ecosystem including key market drivers, challenges, enabling technologies, usage scenarios, vertical market applications, mobile operator deployment commitments, case studies, spectrum availability/allocation, standardization, research initiatives and vendor strategies. The report also presents forecasts for 5G investments and operator services.

The report comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the report, as well as a 5G deployment tracking database covering over 60 global 5G trials, demos and commercial deployment commitments (as of Q1’2017).

Table  of  Contents:

1  Chapter  1:  Introduction

1.1  Executive  Summary

1.2  Topics  Covered

1.3  Forecast  Segmentation

1.4  Key  Questions  Answered

1.5  Key  Findings

1.6  Methodology

1.7  Target  Audience

1.8  Companies&  Organizations  Mentioned


2  Chapter  2:  The  Evolving  5G  Ecosystem

2.1  What  is  5G?

2.2  High-Level  Architecture  of  5G  Networks

2.2.1  5G  NR  (New  Radio)  Access  Network

2.2.2  NextGen  (Next  Generation)  Core  Network

2.3  5G  Performance  Requirements

2.3.1  Data  Volume

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