NightRide™ Is A Revolutionizing Thermal Imaging Camera System For Vehicles

NightRide is the first affordable night vision camera for every car and helps drivers see more at night

NightRide can see farther than headlights. Most headlights can see 150-250 feet. NightRide can see up to 1800 feetNightRide can help you avoid animals. Animal collisions cause thousands of dollars of damage. With NightRide, you can see animals on the road ahead, even if they’re hidden by trees, bushes, or other obstacles. NightRide can see pedestrians, bicyclists, parked cars, and road obstacles too. NightRide can see infrared, which means it can see everything. NightRide is a dash cam. Record what you see on the road, even in complete darkness. NightRide sees more than any night vision camera. Night vision amplifies visible light, but NightRide is a thermal camera. It works on a completely different principle and sees more than any night vision system.



The Female Founded company WESA designs clever, ease-to-use products that give drivers of any car peace of mind wherever life takes them. The company’s first product, NightRide is a portable, mobile thermal camera that allows drivers to easily see objects on the dark road 4 times further than their headlights. The Company is located in Brooklyn, New York and its products are made in the US.

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