Tax Weary New Yorkers are “Resigning” in Favor of Florida

As more unhappy and tax weary New Yorkers pull up stakes to move to a tax friendlier locale, one South Florida city has decided to pull no punches. Downtown Doral, Miami’s premier town center, has launched Unhappy New, a playful poke at the high taxes, rotten winters, and outrageous cost of living that are the constant complaints of New Yorkers.

But there’s evidence that many New Yorkers are taking this light-hearted website seriously.

Census reports between July 2017 and July 2018, show 180,306 people left the state of New York, with more than one-third (63,722) moving to Florida. These numbers are expected to increase as Northeasterners took another hit this year with the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap.

Thousands have visited the site, where one can download a “resignation” letter expressing their intent to leave and telling their friends and family how they will embrace a new urban lifestyle with great schools, restaurants and sunshine with all of the money they will save on taxes. Those not ready to make the move can vent their frustration by sharing one of the clever social tiles such as “I $ NY”.

“No state income tax, no city income tax, no estate tax, a 15-20 percent lower cost of living than New York City and sunshine year-round – what’s not to like?” said Armando Codina, Executive Chairman of Codina Partners, the developers of Downtown Doral.

“We heard Governor Cuomo’s frustration over the tax situation and are simply taking a light-hearted poke at the serious tax problem in New York—and other high-taxed states like New Jersey and Connecticut, while pointing out that there is an attractive alternative,” he added.

Doral, which is in the middle of Miami-Dade County, has a lot to offer upper-middle class Northeasterners. In addition to the tax benefits, Doral has over 10 public, charter and private schools with “A” grade status; major business opportunities with headquarters like Carnival Cruise Line and Univision; promotes a fantastic lifestyle with restaurants, shops, and family-friendly activities; and it’s also closer to Miami International Airport than Downtown Miami. Additionally, Doral has been ranked the #2 city on Forbes’ list of America’s Top 25 towns to live in and named the best city in Florida for start-ups in Business Week.

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