Peter Ticktin Old Friend From High School To President Trump Is To Speak At 2020 Trump Gala July 20 At Trump Hotel In Chicago

Peter Ticktin, who lived with Donald Trump when they were seniors in High School, New York Military Academy is to be one of the principal speakers at United America For Trump 2020 Gala hosted by Drew and Debbie Vance ( The Gala will be held for the first time at the Trump Hotel in Chicago, July 20th.

Ticktin to talk about the kind of guy President Donald J. Trump was when he was 17, how Ticktin knew the outcome of the Mueller Report, and what makes our president think the way he does, going back to their days at New York Military Academy.

Ticktin is a prominent attorney just awarded a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Daily Business Review, as he was the one led the fight for HIV litigation in the early 1990’s and has been a champion for the little guy and gal against discrimination and an advocate for small business. Lately Ticktin also unearthed the robo-signers in the mortgage foreclosure field, providing all the states’ attorneys general with all the evidence they needed to win a $30 billion settlement with the banks.

In his general experience, Ticktin has been a farmer, a builder and one time owned and operated a small heavy equipment company. He was the CEO of a small public company, The Pony Express, and to this day puts the emphasis on business in the category of Business Law for his clients.

His passion is for The Global Warming Foundation (, which he founded and where his views are consistent with that of President Trump as he maintains there is a need for Americans to prosper and have a strong economy so “we can deal with this problem, not just by reducing use of fossil fuels, but by geo-engineering.”

He will be speaking before the keynote speaker, Roger Stone, at the event expected to draw over 300 to the Trump International Hotel & Tower. In addition to Mr. Ticktin, speakers also include John di Domenico, Sabine Durden, Melissa Young, Lucretia Hughes, Van Harp and Marilyn Mastriciana.

Ticktin’s law firm The Ticktin Law Group ( is located in South Florida.

Media Contact: Marla Emanuel 561.750.9800 x2330

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