ABBC Foundation Proves Legitimacy, Unveils Multi-Retailer Shopping Platform and a Multitude of Partnerships

After reaching a settlement with Alibaba Holding Group in which ‘both parties were extremely satisfied,’ ABBC Coin’s price wasn’t the only one making serious moves. Behind the scenes, ABBC Foundation has been paving a path for the success of its future.

A Dubai-based startup, they unveiled the world’s first cryptocurrency-friendly online shopping platform featuring the world’s largest online retailers at a private launch party in a few days in Manhattan, New York. The platform, named Aladdin25, is the first shopping app to integrate this many mega-retailers under one platform and one account. Cryptocurrency holders are now able to buy virtually anything with their assets, as the list of integrated online stores is the most comprehensive and diverse the industry has yet to see.

Aladdin25 enables high-demand features such as product comparison across more than 25 major e-commerce platforms by aggregating data and analyzing the data in one single app. AI-powered data feeds allow consumers to explore trends across platforms, comprehensively compare products and manage their online purchases, as well as reap the benefits of loyalty programs and reward systems.

ABBC Foundation is truly changing the game when it comes to eCommerce, and it’s a welcome sight for both consumers and retailers. Consumers are given more options on what to spend their cryptocurrency on, they receive better information and metrics when making purchase decisions, and they can choose between fiat or crypto, whether it be ABBC Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, and a lot more.

The following retailers have already been integrated into their one-stop shopping platform, with plans to add many more on a rolling basis:

Amazon (U.S., Japan, Netherlands, U.K., Ireland, France, Spain, Italy)
eBay (U.S., U.K., Netherlands)
Alibaba, Aliexpress,, Yahoo! Japan, Rakuten, Coupang,
Etsy, Walmart,, Flipkart, Wish, Allegro, Tokopedia, Lazada, Mercado Libre,,

A platform such as this does not take weeks to make — it takes years. While the legal battle was ensuing, it’s clear that the rest of the team was busy at work building out the dream platform that they had envisioned.

In the past few months alone, ABBC Foundation managed to accomplish more things than what some projects do in two years. On top of all this, CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip announced his plans to expand into the United States for an R&D Center where they can recruit from the top of the talent pool.

On April 29th, there was a joint partnership announcement made by California-based consulting and community development company Lunar Digital Assets. The team at Lunar denounced the media for the misrepresentation of the lawsuit, not performing due diligence before writing biased articles, and for being insensitive to cultural differences.

Chief Advisor Arben Kane made several trips to Dubai prior, and saw the platform they were building and pinpointed the areas in which Lunar Digital Assets, also known as Lunar Marketing, could be of strategic value.

On May 8th Zombie Soup announced their plans to build NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the ABBC network, as well as issue rewards and bonuses in the form of ABBC coins. Zombie Soup is an industry respected AI, AR, and VR software development firm with published games on both Steam and Oculus.

ABBC Foundation also managed to begin partnerships with Deep Dive Technology, The Wall St Conference, UBERMENSCH, Beacon, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Alexander Capital LP, all in the past few months. ABBC Foundation also announced 13 upcoming exchange listings after the settlement, with CoinBene, LBank, Bitker, P2PB2B, Fcoin, BitMart, BitMax, and BTCNext listed since then. The remaining five exchange listings are currently unknown. In total ABBC Coin is already trading on 23 exchanges.



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