AARP Condemns Misleading Ohio Clean Air Ads And Sneaky Budget Amendment

AARP Condemns Misleading Ohio Clean Air Ads And Sneaky Budget Amendment

AARP State Director Barbara A. Sykes condemned the last minute amendment slipped in the state budget bill, which allows First Energy and other utilities to keep excess profits previously intended to refund Ohio consumers.

“Not only is this amendment harmful to Ohio consumers, taking away their rights to refunds, but it was also slipped in last-minute with no opportunity for a public hearing,” said Sykes. “This new bonus for First Energy is on top of the huge, unfair and unnecessary $300 million tax already proposed for all Ohioans via House Bill 6.”

“With the amount of money being spent on misleading ads meant to confuse seniors and their families and the continued lack of transparency, the Ohio Clean Air Program is looking pretty dirty.”

Based on the legislation, one company, First Energy, stands to receive the majority of the newly created $300 million Clean Air Program Fund. Ads and direct mail urging Ohioans to support the Ohio Clean Air Program for the future of their grandchildren point to “big oil” and a desire to prevent an energy monopoly as critical reasons for the new program.

“The irony of these ads is unavoidable. They are taking the stance that House Bill 6 will prevent an energy monopoly when one company is positioned to benefit the most,” said Sykes.

“Their ads have images of older consumers clearly in distress and claiming utility bills will be lowered. They’re using scare tactics claiming the future of their grandchildren and Ohio’s energy diversity depend on this bailout. The reality is that AARP is firmly opposed to this for all Ohioans, but those age 50-plus who are living on fixed incomes have the most to lose if this bill is passed as is.”

Following several days of opposing testimony from a number of individuals, consumer advocacy groups and the business community, changes were made to the original bill. However, analysis of the law indicates that rather than seeing a cost reduction in their bills, as supporters originally promised, all Ohio utility customers will still be on the hook to pay for existing energy efficiency programs and contracts with no clear end to those fees.

The substitute bill also creates a whole new set of utility bill riders and potential fees for renewable energy. It also authorizes the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to create new power purchase agreements, which opens the door for unknown costs and fees to be passed on to the Ohio consumers.

“Ohioans are too smart to fall for misleading ads or scare tactics aimed at our 50+ plus population. We deserve elected officials who look out for those who voted them into office and take the time to find solutions, rather than rushing to push flawed policies through in a secretive last-minute move,” said Earl Goldhammer, a Central Ohio AARP Volunteer and past member of the AARP Executive Council.

“Utility customers in Ohio expect to pay fair and reasonable prices for electricity. AARP will continue to fight unfair increases in utility rates in Ohio,” said AARP Ohio Manager of Advocacy Luke Russell.

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