US Government Kept Secret Dossiers to Monitor Journalists Covering Migrant Caravans

US Government Kept Secret Dossiers to Monitor Journalists Covering Migrant Caravans

The US authorities created a secret database of journalists and humanitarian activists following a caravan of migrants from Central America who tried to enter the United States from Mexico last year, the NBC television group reported.

In some cases, authorities even disclosed their passports to security forces, said NBC 7, Local channel of the group, citing documents transmitted by a source from the Interior Ministry who wanted to remain anonymous.

That database included people who were to be controlled at the US-Mexico border, according to that source.

Among the individuals appointed by the border police were 10 journalists, including seven Americans, a lawyer also from the United States and 47 people from the United States and other states qualified as organizers, instigators or whose role was unknown.

The list included supporters of migrant advocacy associations such as Border Angels (Los Angeles de la Frontera) and Pueblo Sin Fronteras, NBC 7 said.

Not only were these people designated to be controlled, but a report was also made on each of them, the anonymous source said.

“We are a criminal investigation agency, not an intelligence agency, we can not make reports about people, and they are reporting on people, it is an abuse,” he lamented, according to NBC 7.

Contacted by the television channel, a spokesman of the customs and border protection service refused to confirm or deny the validity of the documents presented by the media.

In recent months, several migrant caravans left Central America to the United States, despite the efforts of the administration of President Donald Trump to prevent illegal immigration.

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