Fire Breaks Out on the Roof of Trump Tower

Fire Breaks Out on the Roof of Trump Tower

The Trump Tower, one of the most protected buildings in New York City, was the protagonist in the early hours of Monday morning of a small fire on the roof.

The incident resulted in two minor injuries, an employee of the building and a firefighter who responded to the alarm. The skyscraper, from where the family of the president of the United States manages his business, did not have to be evacuated.

Fire was declared a few minutes before seven in the morning, in a cooling tower. Fire teams acted quickly and in half an hour the situation was under control.

Although the incident was minor, it was recommended to the residents of the buildings not to open the windows. The intense cold that has hit the city of skyscrapers for weeks has made the smoke look more intense.

The black glass skyscraper is located at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, just a couple of blocks from Central Park. The smoke column could be seen from the Rockefeller Center, seven streets to the south.

Roger Sakowich, from the fire department, explained that the two injured refused to be treated by the emergency services. The team that responded to the fire left the building after an hour.

The Trump Tower is the first real estate creation of the tycoon, who became the spearhead of his real estate empire. The building has 68 floors. It opened in 1983 and was then the tallest glass skyscraper in Manhattan.

It is qualified as a historic building and is also one of the most recognized in the world. It accommodates 263 apartments from the 30th floor to the top. The tycoon has his residence, which occupies three floors with a design inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

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